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Welcome to my website! You've obviously found your way here to find out a little more about me or my work, so please make yourself at home and browse around.

If the technology was there, I'd happily make you a cup of tea, or offer you a jammy dodger - but it's not, so I can't.

I'm an Actor, Writer & Documentary Director, based in Surrey; England, and have been working profesionally since 2003. I have a BA in Acting from my studies at East 15 Acting School.

When I'm not acting, writing or directing, I write for a number of publications including, Doctor Who Online, Country Endeavours and ToysWorld, as well as the occasional articles for some of the mainstream media.

You can often find interviews with myself in the UK broadsheet and tabloid newspapers for my Doctor Who knowledge and opinion.

For the latest projects I'm currently working on, please check out the 'News' section, which will be updated regularly.

Thanks for stopping by!